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Through our proactive SMS-gateway, we deal with all of Stadium’s SMS to the Nordic countries.
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We chose to work with VHD Media because they have proven to be a full-fledged partner who can meet the needs we have.

They have been flexible in all our discussions and shown great adaptability. For us, it is important that the SMS keeps a high quality, and that they are delivered as agreed. VHD Media has shown that they can do that, and for an affordable price as well.

In cases when deviations have occurred, they have been keen and creative in finding solutions for the problems.

The fact that their system, through API, is adapted to communicate with the rest of our systems, and that they have shown that they are willing to develop as a supplier, makes us feel safe as we continue in the future.

André Ihlar
Online Sales Manager, Lyko Online AB | www.lyko.se

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01We help you find new clients, and to acknowledge the ones you already have

To prospect, analyze, and communicate with your new clients, and the ones you already have in a simple and cost-effective way.

02Customer loyalty system with hardware with the end customer in focus

Increase customer trust and awareness. The client loyalty system from VHD helps to increase customer trust and knowledge for your brand, products or services.

03We are here to make sure you comply with GDPR, and that you are updated on the matter.

An up-to-date register is a must to create profitable business-deals and to comply with GDPR. Update your clients’ and your suppliers' data simply and effectively.


Loyalty Club System with Hardware

Möbelmästarna has chosen to use our loyalty system combined with a touch screen we call PRO. Customers of Möbelmästarna can quickly and easily become members of their loyalty club, and thereby receive personalized campaign offers.

One of Möbelmästarna’s campaigns resulted in several hundred thousand SEK of increased sales during one single month of campaigning.

From planning, campaign launch to follow-up

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, Dahl, and Scandic are three examples of businesses that, safely and securely, present their messages through the hustle and bustle of other companies through our services. We use proactive infrastructure that is well-tested and with the highest of qualities.

A Cutting Edge Supplier

- we help you proactively in the selling process.

As a supplier, we can take care of your challenges, but we do not always have to flex all of our muscles. We adjust to what you need, to make sure you can carry on doing what you do best.

– We make sure you sell more.

Loyalty system

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At VHD we are ready to help you reach your goal to sell more!

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